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A comprehensive Business Intelligence solution requires continuous management/maintenance of integration flows and analytics platforms as well as end-user support. Depending on the data warehouse’s architecture and complexity, management becomes a more or less significant factor over time. There are various ways to manage a data warehouse solution, you can choose to handle all forms of operation and support internally, or outsource the data warehouse maintenance or the entire data warehouse to an external part. Beslutsdata provides maintenance/monitoring and ensures that you can spend your time on new development and innovation.

We work daily with data warehouse solutions primarily on Microsoft’s platform and have well-developed methods for monitoring, debugging and managing the integration of data warehouse and analysis platforms. A well-developed data storage solution from a management perspective is well documented and with built-in logging and error handling, but even the most well-developed data warehouse solution requires continuous management and maintenance. Beslutsdata have extensive experience in implementing built-in logging and error handling functionality, and with us as an operating partner, you can let go of control of ongoing operations to allow us to ensure that data is available to the business.

The format of the continuous management is determined based on your requirements and how your data warehouse solution is structured. In case of lack of knowledge/time, you may find it difficult to control certain parts of your data warehouse solution, such as the ETL solution. We can assist you by taking control only for this particular part.

We are used to working with different types of management models such as PM3 and case management systems such as JIRA and Trello. Structured cooperation is the key to a long-term and cost-effective maintenance. In order to create a prerequisite for structure, a management model and user-friendly case management systems are required in which bug reports and maintenance actions are followed up and reported. With our experience of data warehouse management/maintenance we help shift your focus from technical solutions to continuing to instead create business benefits.


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