A key component of most data warehouse projects is building data integration, to extract data from one or more data sources, both from inside and outside the organization, and then load processed data into a data warehouse.

Data warehousing is based on efficiently reading data from business systems and other registries and that relevant data is stored in a format that is easily accessible to the end user of the business. To read data from other registries/systems to a data warehouse, the Extract Transform Load (ETL) technology is used to collect, transform/convert and store data. Beslutsdata are experts in ETL development/integration and have many years of experience in various sectors, such as the public sector, banking, finance and retail. We use standard tools from, among others, Microsoft which creates the conditions for a person-independent and manageable ETL solution.

Beslutsdata has broad experience in building automated ETL/integration feeds with built-in error handling and auditing, which is a prerequisite for a stable data warehouse that allows organizations to spend their time on analysis and innovation rather than spending time on manual procedures and troubleshooting.

Beslutsdata work according to a structured framework in all integration projects. The framework contains pre-developed methods and prepared solutions for error handling, logging, security, auditing and documentation. This integration framework, combined with solid experience from many data warehousing projects, means that we can quickly set the groundwork for integration flows for our customers. With this approach, more time can be spent on delivering business advantage rather than on the technique itself. When developing an ETL solution we highlight the importance of end users’ requirements, as ETL development provides the basis for end user analysis. We are used to working with different database modeling techniques such as Kimball’s star schema and Data Vault. Only after the initial requirement  analysis is completed and well-established, a scalable and manageable ETL solution can be developed based on the database modeling technique that best meets the requirements of the business.

Consultants on Beslutsdata have experience in developing integrations against many different types of sources. Whether it’s a relational database, XML document, text file, manual input or web service, we have the tools and knowledge to build a stable integration flow to make data available for the business.


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