Data Warehouse

A data warehouse is a logically coherent data base whose main purpose is to be analyzed, it can be seen as a general knowledge bank for an organization. The basic idea of ​​a data warehouse is to collect data and secure data quality on a regular basis. Data is updated in the systems from which data is retrieved while the data warehouse ensures that the organization can store and compare information over time.

Some of the main reasons for the need for a data warehouse are:

  • Data is of a different terminology than that used within the business.
  • Data cannot be compiled, compared and analyzed according to the requirements of the business
  • Data cannot be compared over time
  • Decision makers do not have the opportunity to collect relevant data on their own

The foundation for a successful data warehouse project is that the extraction of data from business systems and other registries to the data warehouse is efficiently and that relevant data is stored in a format that is easily accessible to the end users. To read data from other systems to a data warehouse, the Extract Transform Load (ETL) technology is used to collect, transform/convert and store data. Beslutsdata are experts in ETL development and have many years of experience in ETL development in various sectors, such as the public sector, banking, finance and retail. We use standard tools from, among others, Microsoft, which creates the conditions for a person-independent and manageable ETL solution.

What data to be stored and how data is stored is largely determined by the customer’s analytical needs and the type/types of analytics products the customer uses. Beslutsdata helps customers identify their needs and their main challenges in order to provide a customized comprehensive solution.

Beslutsdata has great experience of developing data warehouses on various platforms, both on-premise and cloud solutions. We use agile methods and a well-thought out framework when we perform information modeling, data integration, error handling and quality assurance. With good business knowledge from a large number of data warehouse projects in several different industries, we can ensure a solution which supports your business needs.


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