Business Intelligence

With the ever-increasing digitization, the amount of available data has also increased drastically, which poses major challenges and opportunities for organizations whose operations require control both on their own business as well as the surroundings. The market for decision support systems is extensive and many product providers today offer complete solutions for Business Intelligence (BI).

Different types of organizations, of course also have different needs for system support. Beslutsdata helps you with implementation and decision making strategy by guiding and implementing overall solutions within the BI area. We create business benefits for our customers by using powerful tools to collect and build analytical capabilities of organizations’ existing data but also of external information. We integrate organizations’ various business systems and sources of information into a common platform for analysis and follow-up and ensure accessibility and security. We provide solutions in several of the proven standard tools such as Microsoft’s, MicroStrategys and Hypergenes product suite, which provides a foundation for efficient management with minimal personal dependency.

Our strategy is to carry out requirement analysis together with the customer in order to capture key ratios and processes that need to be measured. The requirement analysis then constitutes the basis for determining what data needs to be analyzed. Depending on the purpose of the analysis and the end users who are going to consume the information, we build different types of visualizations, such as interactive dashboards, operational reports, self service solutions and OLAP cubes.

As the market is constantly evolving and changing, today’s organizations need to quickly adapt to new conditions. With a thoughtful and scalable Business Intelligence solution, organizations get more time for innovation and development as well as system support that allows focus on how to strengthen and adapt their core business. Beslutsdata helps you choose the right tools and ensure the gathering of necessary information so that you can focus on your expert area instead, making the right decision for your business.

Our consultants are experts in Microsoft BI, MicroStrategy and Hypergene  product suites and got experience from retail, banking, finance, public sector and the service sector.


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