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To successfully run an organization, you need a flexible and business-oriented process when you work with budget and forecasts. Depending on how the business is structured, different approaches also need to be applied to how funds are distributed between organizational units. One of the challenges that may arise in connection with a budgeting and forecasting process is, for example, difficulty in getting a clear overview/aggregation of all components (personnel, investment, operating expenses etc.) while retaining the ability to analyze at detail level. Another challenge is to distribute responsibility for budgeting and forecasting management within the organization without losing control of the process.

Beslutsdata can help you get rid of Excel documents and less flexible system support by implementing a modern system support that is flexible and easy to customize based on your business. A modern overall budgeting and forecasting management solution includes, among other things, competency management, follow-up reports (live-updated in conjunction with an active budget or forecast process) in which outcome figures can be directly linked to budget and forecast input as well as date control in case deadlines constitute one important requirements for the budgeting and forecasting process.

Beslutsdata consultants are experienced in implementing system support for the budgeting and forecasting process within several different sectors, such as municipalities, finance, services and government. We can help you with anything from regular account-based budget and forecast entries to driver-based (e.g. volumes, numbers, and pricing) and personnel-system-based processes in which existing source systems can be utilized to, for example, preload a new budget or forecast. Customized control flows give full control of what should be done by the respective budget manager and when the work is expected to be performed.

Other advantages of a modern overall solution for the budgeting and forecasting process are that previous outcomes and forecasts can be reused in future processes, reducing the need for manual handling. Automized preloads and simulation capabilities mean that the business can switch its focus to the details at an early stage, thus increasing the possibility of more accurate budgets and forecasts.


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