Advanced analytics

Many organizations today have large amount of data that can be used as a basis for more advanced analytics through statistical and predictive models. By applying these methods, patterns can be found to understand and plan activities in a more efficient way.

With the traditional data warehouse, an ever-increasing amount of data can be used as a basis for analysis and reporting. Process-oriented analytics and solid reporting has long been a key part of the Business Intelligence area, and many consulting firms and product vendors support these types of solutions. In existing data warehouses and, for example, social media, the amount of available data increases drastically, thus increasing the possibilities for more advanced analytics. With existing data, there is also the opportunity to analyze complex relationships between an organization’s different data flows. Advanced analytics, in the form of predictive models, machine learning and geographical visualization (spatial analysis), allows new business opportunities to be discovered and new insights to be created.

An increasing number of product vendors choose to invest in advanced analytics and today offer flexible solutions ranging from predictive analysis to geographical visualization. As a Microsoft Partner, we are well familiar with SQL Server Machine Learning Services, which includes support for machine learning and predictive models through Python and R. With Power BI, you can deepen the analysis with support for, among other things, visualization of predictive results and geographic data. With tools like Power BI we can help you identify and visualize customer behaviors, customer segments, patterns, and more. By automizing your analysis  we create space for your organization to allow people to work with creative thinking and problem solving while our algorithms manage routine tasks and create the prerequisite for database-based decisions.

Beslutsdata has many years of experience in analytics and decision support solutions based on traditional data warehousing. In order to increase customer benefit from our solutions, we can now combine traditional data warehousing with advanced analytics and machine learning. We have the technical skills and experience required to apply advanced analytics to all types of data and with strong expertise in data warehousing, especially within banking, finance, public sector and the service sector, we can create a comprehensive solution that strengthens your competitiveness.


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Beslutsdata can together with some of the leading specialists on R and advanced analytics provide customized solutions that is easy to integrate with most business intelligence plattforms.

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