MicroStrategy is a powerful platform for reporting and analysis. The product includes support for fixed reports, dashboards, self-service and a market-leading mobile interface. You can also consume reports in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and Power Point) via a plugin.

The product also has a semantic layer defining business terms and logic for calculations of Key Performance Indicators (KPI). This gives conditions for low maintenance costs and unified KPI across all reporting.

Already immediately after installation, the platform supports most of the various data sources on the market. Even large data volumes can be handled efficiently.

The platform’s unified interface provides a secure and manageable environment that supports a changing environment. A KPI used in many different places can be updated centrally in the semantic layer.

The market-leading mobile interface that have won several awards, enables applications for IOS and Android without any programming. The interface also supports the user to write back data, enabling uses such as commenting on numbers or adding new orders via the application. With a short time to market, your organization can (for example) create an Ipad application to support its stores or sales representatives.

Today, there is a powerful free version for data analysis and visualizations called MicroStrategy Desktop. If you want to test the interface, it can be downloaded here.

We have extensive experience in implementing and maintaining solutions with MicroStrategy products. We make sure you get the maximum benefit from your investment.

Beslutsdata can help your organization with the following parts:

  • Development and maintenance
  • Customized education and training
  • Design and build mobile applications

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We have extensive experience of working with the platform and support several organizations with their MicroStrategy projects.

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