We are specialists in Hypergene. We have experience of implementing Hypergene in various industries, such as finance, services, government and the public sector. Our industry-wide experience combined with solid product knowledge enables us to help customers make the right decisions during implementation.

Hypergene can be integrated with all data sources. We at Beslutsdata are integration/ETL experts and can help customers gather all necessary decision-making information in their Hypergene solution. The advantage of an integrated solution is that customers quickly and easily can make use of existing information for example to calculate forecasts, build advanced KPI’s, and automate monthly reporting.

Hypergene is a complete decision support system that supports strategic planning, budget/forecast, reporting and analysis. These three interacting parts are used individually or as an effective overall solution and changes how organizations can plan, control and follow up their business, and thereby strengthening their competitiveness.

The product is based on a powerful platform that supports automatic flows, integrations and role-based portals, as well as offering flexibility in presentation and distribution of information from all parts of the product.

The product includes support for setting up templates for ongoing business reporting, which means that information from all parts of the solution can be compiled in an automated manner, such as monthly or quarterly reporting. The dynamic competency management allows multiple users to work in the same report at the same time making it possible to streamline the development of ongoing reporting.

Hypergene enables organizations to streamline their budget and forecast processes, analyze and report, and work with strategic planning in a way that breaks down overall strategic plans into goals, key ratios, and activities throughout the organization.


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We have a close cooperation with Hypergene and keep our consultants updated on platform development. Some of our consultants are former Hypergene employees.

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